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USDT TRC20 online wallet service launched

Now you have access to online 24/7 online wallets USDT TRC20 - To receive transfers, send transfers and purchase USDT TRC20 from your bank card and credited to your USDT wallet. At the same time, the work with the wallet is simplified, you do not need to monitor or replenish the TRX balance of your wallet, our platform does it for you, including the costs of confirming the network commission of 1% percent for withdrawal in USDT TRC20.

  • Date 2021-10-01

Added direct purchase of bitcoins from a bank card

We launched the EasyBuy easy bitcoin purchase page, directly from the card, with the crediting of coins to your wallet on the site or to any external address (wallet).
The sale is carried out at the current world bitcoin rate.There are now limits on the maximum purchase amount, but these limits will soon be increased to the maximum possible.
Now it's easy and simple to buy bitcoins from a card!

  • Date 2021-01-10

Added direct payment from cards in rubles (USD/EUR)

Added direct payment from bank cards in (USD/EUR) to replenish your Fiat account in the system or pay merchant accounts from online stores and projects connected to our site.

This means that you can fund your account in this currency directly from the card and buy bitcoins from it on our crypto exchange at the most favorable rate!

And also pay bills from your card, from a trading fiat or crypto account.

  • Date 2020-11-25

New Dashboard V1.1

On the main page of your personal account, Dashboard V1.1 now works
This is a very convenient summary of all the data for your login for all sections with a quick transition to the desired section.

  • Date 2020-05-05

Offers to buy or sell BTC / LTC / DOGE on a cash payment world map

We added a convenient interface for buying or selling BTC (Bitcoins) / LTC (Litecoins) / DOGE (Dogeсoins) directly on the world map.
Now you simply select the Country and region on the map and see ads by city, other participants who want to buy or sell cryptocurrency for cash.

Buying bitcoin for cash in any currency of the world and in a place convenient for you has become even easier!

  • Date 2020-01-12

Added a new trading pair BTC/TRY and the ability to replenish/withdraw funds in the Turkish lira

A new BTC/TRY trading pair has been added to the Trading floor, as well as the ability to replenish/withdraw funds in the Turkish Lira (TRY)

  • Date 2020-01-12

Today you can buy or sell BTC / LTC / DOGE for VISA, MC, ADVCASH, Alipay, ePayments, M-PESA, PAYEER, PayPal, Paysend, QIWI, SKRILL, UnionPay, WebMoney, WeChat, Western Union, Yandex Money, WalletOne and bank transfer or cash

We add the most popular payment methods to the ads section, so that it would be convenient for you to sell or buy crypto coins in a way convenient for you.

Today, these methods:

VISA, MC, ADVCASH, Alipay, ePayments, M-PESA, PAYEER, PayPal, Paysend, QIWI, SKRILL, UnionPay, WebMoney, WeChat, Western Union, Yandex Money, WalletOne, bank transfer, cash

  • Date 2020-01-12

Announcements - ADS V2.0 Launched

We completely redesigned the code for this section. Now everything fits on 2 clear pages in the announcement section:

1st page - Buy
On this page you select a coin (BTC / LTC / DOGE), then a payment method (There are already 15 of them and we will add new ones from the most popular and convenient for you) and the currency in which you want to buy a crypto coin.
Immediately after this, you see the trading volume with the selected parameters (you can clearly see online how many coins you want to buy or sell on the site, the volume of closed transactions and the rate for them).
You immediately see all the ads according to the specified parameters, where you can simply click the buy button and select both a part and the entire amount of the advertisement.
Convenient notifications will be sent to you at all stages of the transaction in the browser, in the mailbox and if the Telegram messenger is connected, which is very convenient!
If you did not like the price of current ads, then you can place your own.
All your deals and announcements are on the same page below.
2nd Sale
Everything is the same as on the purchase page, but everything is for sale.

Announcement Chips:
- You can send and receive messages on current transactions.
- See online or not seller or buyer.
- See the ratings and reviews of other users about this buyer or seller and leave ratings and reviews for the closed transaction.
- Delete your ads
- Complain to the seller or buyer on a particular transaction if something went wrong or for a long time.
- etc

It is worth recalling that our announcement service is a very convenient and safe platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin / Litecoin / Dogecoin), since the service acts as a guarantor of all transactions, freezing the amount of cryptocurrency necessary for the transaction on the escrow account.
This means that after paying for the transaction, you will definitely receive your crypto coins if you buy them and you will not be deceived by the buyer if you sell, because when selling coins they will also be on the escrow account, and if there are problems with crediting the payment, then there will be coins for this transaction will not be transferred to the buyer's wallet.

  • Date 2019-12-06

We are adding new fiat currencies and trading pairs!

Starting today, the fiat wallet can be replenished with new currencies:


And also in the Trades section there are new trading pairs with them and a conclusion from the fiat wallet in these currencies is added.

  • Date 2019-11-01

Telegram notification started

Receive notifications about wallets and transactions online!

  • Date 2019-10-04

Preparing new modules to start

We are have more and more ideas to our project...

  • Date 2019-10-03

BTC wallets and Trades started!

At the same time did: TOP traders Accepting payments from BTC Personality wallets BTC And something else interesting ...

  • Date 2019-10-02

Official start of the project

2 years of preparation, resolve many problem and writing code have flown by. And now we officially launch our project!

  • Date 2019-10-01
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