Accept payments in BTC / VISA, MasterCard

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Acceptance of payments
in cryptocurrency for any projects

Acceptance of merchant payments 2%

Acceptance of payments through the payment acceptance form
Acceptance of payments through its own form of payment acceptance or the button
Easy Payment Reporting System
Instant withdrawal of a cryptocurrency to a third-party wallet
No limits on the receipt / withdrawal of cryptocurrency
Selling through the ads section and receiving payment in the way that is convenient for you

Accept payments from VISA/MC - 5%

Accept payments via QIWI -4%

About merchants

API for automated acceptance of BTC - Bitcoin

To accept payments on your website, just create an account and create a new merchant in the Accept payments menu.

The section also has 3 pages:

Merchant This is a client of the system for which payments will be accepted in bitcoins, from cards or in other electronic currencies.

List of accounts All accounts and their statuses for receiving payments

Form of payment (Form of accepting payments) API for creating a form, receiving site responses and setting up receiving payments

The platform will notify you of received payments and display full statistics on invoices and their payments.

To accept payments from cards, you need to confirm the site, after checking your site.

Withdrawing fiat funds to any card in the world in any currency.

Withdrawing bitcoins from a crypto trading account to any external bitcoin wallet, storing them in the site's bitcoin wallet or selling within the site and receiving payment in the way you want.

All credited payments are immediately available to you on your trading accounts.

Payments accepted in Fiat are immediately credited to your Trading Fiat Account.
Payments accepted in bitcoins are credited to the Trading Crypto Account.
From these trading accounts you can immediately:

- Make a request to withdraw fiat funds to the card by card number
- Make a request for the withdrawal of fiat funds with conversion to BTC and receive a transaction to your bitcoin wallet address (any)
- Make a request to withdraw fiat funds into electronic currencies (WMR, QIWI ...)

- Buy bitcoins on bitcoin exchange
- Sell accepted bitcoins on the bitcoin exchange
- Transfer accepted bitcoins to your bitcoin wallet on the site or an external bitcoin wallet

Accepting payments in bitcoins (BTC) and from VISA, MasterCard, Maestro ...

Benefits and usability of accepting payments

bitcoin merchants

Accepting payments through our payment acceptance form or using JSON requests (own form)
Quick statistics in Dashboard on accepted payments
Withdrawal of accepted payments to a cold wallet
Quickly sell bitcoins through the ads section and get fiat using the desired method
API to automate billing and payment on your website
E-mail and Telegram notifications of payment receipt
Unlimited number of marchants (stores) per account
No documents required to start accepting payments or legal entities

Merchant form

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API for automated BTC - Bitcoin acceptance and direct payment from bank cards

Create Payment

To initiate a payment through a single form of payment, you just need to direct the user to a special URL.

Parameter Value Description
act request_payment Required parameter System parameter. Does not change
test Y or N Required parameter Creating a payment in test mode
form Y or N Required parameter Display form of payment or display JSON result
coin BTC Required parameter Choosing a cryptocurrency to pay
id Integer Required parameter Identifier from payment merchant settings
amount Integer Required parameter Payment amount in the selected cryptocurrency
currency USD / EUR / CNY / RUB / GBP / BRL / UAH / KZT / BTC Required parameter Account currency in accordance with ISO 4217
external_invoice String Required parameter External account number used in your store
message String Required parameter Account Description
signature String Required parameter Digital signature
callback_url String Optional parameter URL address for calling upon receipt of payment on the bill

You can specify the Callback URL in the merchant settings in the panel

An example of the formation of a digital signature on PHP
function getFormSignature($id, $currency, $amount, $external_invoice, $secretKey) {
 $hashStr = $id.'{up}'.$currency.'{up}'.$amount.'{up}'.$external_invoice.'{up}'.$secretKey;
 return hash('sha256', $hashStr);

$signature = getFormSignature($id, $currency, $amount, $external_invoice, $secretKey);
The digital signature is formed as sha256 (payment initialization parameters described above with the addition of secretKey = ACCESS KEY from the settings of the payment merchant). When forming a digital signature, all the variables shown in the example must be indicated.

id=Identifier from payment merchant settings
message=Test Invoice
signature=Digital signature

Test mode

If the parameter value is test = Y, then the query is executed in test mode. The invoice will have the status Paid without actual payment and payment being credited. Notification of payment by e-mail is not sent. If the handler URL (parameter callback_url) is passed, the result will be sent to it.

Output result

If the value of the parameter form = N, then the result of the generated payment is displayed in JSON format for further processing.

Parameter Value Description
amount Integer Payment amount in the selected cryptocurrency
invoice Integer Internal account number used in the system
external_invoice String External account number used in your store
link String Payment Link
address String Generated Wallet Address
message String Description of the account that was transmitted during account generation

Payment processor

Upon receipt of payment by invoice, we notify the store’s website of the payment status by sending a GET request to the handler URL (callback_url parameter).
Parameter Description
id Identifier from payment merchant settings
key Confirmation key from payment merchant settings
coin Which cryptocurrency paid the bill
currency In which currency is the account generated according to ISO 4217
invoice Internal account number used in the system
external_invoice External account number used in your store
amount Amount of payment received
amount_in_currency Account amount in the currency of the generated account
message Description of the account that was transmitted during account generation
signature Digital Signature Generated
An example of the formation and verification of a digital signature on PHP
function getSignature($id, $currency, $amount_in_currency, $external_invoice, $secretKey) {
 $hashStr = $id.'{up}'.$currency.'{up}'.$amount_in_currency.'{up}'.$external_invoice.'{up}'.$secretKey;
 return hash('sha256', $hashStr);

$signature = getSignature($_GET["id"], $_GET["currency"], $_GET["amount_in_currency"], $_GET["external_invoice"], $secretKey);

if ($_GET["signature"] != $signature) exit('Incorrect Digital Signature');
In the payment processor, you must generate a digital signature using the received variables and verify it against the received digital signature. For the secretKey value, use the ACCESS KEY from the payment merchant settings.

Payment alert response format

Applicable if the processor URL is specified during the formation of the payment (parameter callback_url)
As a result of processing a GET request containing payment data, the store’s website should return a response with the code 200 as a string:
  • The answer is equal to the line \ok\ - this means that payment data has been received, notifications for this payment are no longer required.
  • Any other answers - this will mean that the store has not received data and the store will continue to be notified.
Note: the maximum number of alerts to receive a successful response from the store website:
Note: a retry alert will be attempted every 5
If the answer is not equal to the string \ok\, the first 255 characters of the store’s response to the request will be saved and available for viewing in your account.
Note: if the request is executed in test mode and the payment notification failed, the response code and response line will be available for viewing on the bill payment page. To view, click on the recipient notification status. In normal mode, only status is displayed.

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