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buy bitcoin / sell bitcoin [ ads between users ]

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The largest selection of payment methods when submitting announcements for the purchase or sale of bitcoins and other crypto coins between users of the site (p2p method)


[VISA, MC, Яндекс Деньги, WebMoney, QIWI, ADVCASH, Alipay, ePayments, M-PESA, PAYEER, PayPal, Paysend, SKRILL, UnionPay, WeChat, Western Union, WalletOne ...]
All currencies of the world, a huge selection of payment methods, including cash.
The guarantee of each transaction is the platform, since the amount of the transaction between users in the cryptocurrency is frozen on the escrow account until receipt of payment from the buyer.

This is beneficial because you are setting a course or choosing the most profitable of the other ads.
It's instant. Transaction funds are credited instantly.
This is anonymous.

And also:

 Possibility of correspondence with the buyer/seller on each transaction.
Convenient tools to create/cancel ads
Always see which of the sellers/buyers online
Presentation on the chart of the ratio of purchase and sale announcements indicating volumes
Price and volume of the last closed transaction
A simple and understandable filter for switching between ads, to other coins and payment methods

Only 0.1% commission on the sale of cryptocurrency.

0% commission on the purchase.


buy bitcoin / sell bitcoin [ ads between users ]


About P2P Ads

P2P platform is the most modern, safe and most profitable way to buy/sell bitcoins.
A large number of offers makes buyers and sellers compete and give the best rate to their ads, confirm payment faster in order to get better reviews and ratings.
The site freezes the seller's funds on the ad until the receipt of payment is confirmed. This means that no one will deceive you and you will receive your coins, because the platform guarantees every transaction, unlike exchangers.
The site does not provide any data about your deals or transactions on the p2p site, as these are your p2p deals with another participant.
It is very convenient because there are many ways to pay/receive funds and you can choose methods without commissions.
If you want to trade on the bitcoin exchange, then it is more profitable to first buy bitcoins on the p2p platform, in a convenient way, and then trade them. It is also more profitable to withdraw bitcoins through p2p. Our p2p platform provides many convenient and profitable ways to work and earn money on bitcoins.
If you have not tried to make money trading bitcoin yet, then you should try it. This is not difficult. We tried to make this process as visual, convenient and beneficial for our users as possible.

Benefits and usability of p2p ads

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Convenient Dashboard on the main page of your personal account with the display of information on posted ads and requiring renewal
More than 20+ methods of buying / selling bitcoins [VISA, MC, Yandex Money, WebMoney, QIWI, ADVCASH, Alipay, ePayments , M-PESA, PAYEER, PayPal, Paysend, SKRILL, UnionPay, WeChat, Western Union ...]
Buyer and seller ratings, reviews and markings online / offline for a quick deal.
Quickly sell bitcoins through the ads section and get fiat using the desired method (on a card, QIWI, Webmoney, etc.)
Safe: The platform is the guarantor of every transaction and freezes bitcoins on the seller's account until the receipt of payment for the transaction is confirmed
Ability to quickly cancel transactions by mutual agreement of the parties and terminate arbitration transactions
Notifications - to the browser if a tab is open, to e-mail and Telegram messenger
Minimum commissions - 0.1% on the sale and 0% on the purchase of bitcoins