Service of buying, selling, storing, exchanging, transferring cryptocurrencies with personalized multi-cryptocurrency online wallets with the possibility of instant sale / purchase in the way that is convenient for you.

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Ads p2p buy bitcoin / sell bitcoin [ ads between users ]

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bitcoin wallet

The largest selection of payment methods when submitting announcements for the purchase or sale of bitcoins and other crypto coins between users of the site (p2p method)


[VISA, MC, Яндекс Деньги, WebMoney, QIWI, ADVCASH, Alipay, ePayments, M-PESA, PAYEER, PayPal, Paysend, SKRILL, UnionPay, WeChat, Western Union, WalletOne ...]

All currencies of the world, a huge selection of payment methods, including cash.
The guarantee of each transaction is the platform, since the amount of the transaction between users in the cryptocurrency is frozen on the escrow account until receipt of payment from the buyer.

This is beneficial because you are setting a course or choosing the most profitable of the other ads.
It's instant. Transaction funds are credited instantly.
This is anonymous.

And also:

 Possibility of correspondence with the buyer/seller on each transaction.
Convenient tools to create/cancel ads
Always see which of the sellers/buyers online
Presentation on the chart of the ratio of purchase and sale announcements indicating volumes
Price and volume of the last closed transaction
A simple and understandable filter for switching between ads, to other coins and payment methods

Only 0.1% commission on the sale of cryptocurrency.

0% commission on the purchase.

Current Ad Volume

2161.2988641 BTC

Closed Transactions

0.08379156 BTC

Show ads on the map with cash payment New

Buying volume

Selling volume

Select cryptocurrency and the location on the map

Bitcoin Exchange

bitcoin trades

Trade on currency pairs


A simple, understandable and convenient mechanism for trading cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency for trading is located on a trading cryptocurrency account, which is common for trading and the announcement service, which allows you to withdraw funds in several ways.
Fiat funds are stored on a separate fiat trading account with direct withdrawal of funds to third-party wallets.
Convenient replenishment of a fiat trading account in many ways, including payment by VISA / MC cards.

Minimum order amount 0.0002 BTC
Visual graphical representation of sellers and buyers with the indication of volumes in real time. To understand the mood of the market.
The history of your transactions displays information about the number and price of the last purchase and sale of cryptocurrency, which is very convenient for understanding the price for creating another order, as well as a graph of the volume of your transactions, which shows that you are buying or selling more.

Trading volume now BTC/RUB


Closed deals BTC/RUB


Cryptocurrency rate chart

The rate of completed transactions using different cryptocurrency.

Deals statistics

Volume data graph

BTC trading volume. Positive values correspond to purchases, negative to sales.

Last completed deals: BTC/RUB

Way Amount Rate Date
sell 0.00030000 1056000.00 30/10/2020 16:23:33
buy 0.00313174 1025000.00 30/10/2020 16:19:44
sell 0.00200000 1020000.00 27/10/2020 14:24:37
sell 0.00130097 880000.00 13/10/2020 23:05:27
buy 0.00070151 865000.00 11/10/2020 08:35:25
buy 0.00200000 820000.00 08/10/2020 14:13:30
buy 0.00270000 831500.00 08/10/2020 14:13:08
sell 0.00028000 855000.00 01/10/2020 18:35:44
buy 0.00020000 766800.00 04/09/2020 17:51:41
sell 0.00020000 790000.00 04/09/2020 17:46:45
buy 0.00020000 866400.00 17/08/2020 10:25:57
sell 0.00030000 875000.00 15/08/2020 10:31:01
buy 0.00020000 831000.00 05/08/2020 10:43:33
sell 0.00214799 853000.00 01/08/2020 08:50:56
sell 0.00020000 675000.00 24/07/2020 10:28:14

Bitcoin wallets

bitcoin wallet

Personal crypto wallet

BTC - Bitcoin | LTC - Litecoin | DOGE - Dogecoin

Deposit / storage / withdrawal - 0%

+ Network transaction fee (at least 0.00005 BTC or 0.001 LTC or 1 DOGE)

Full-fledged multi-currency crypto wallet
Convenient replenishment of wallets by address or QR code
Fast sending cryptocurrencies from wallets and receiving payments and transfers to wallets
Cryptocurrency trading account for selling / buying cryptocurrency through the ads section or for trading
Convenient, intuitive cash flow reporting system
Recharge / expense history
E-mail and Telegram notifications of all operations in wallets

A plus, convenient replenishment and transfers via smartphones and other mobile devices.

Deals statistics

Volume data graph

Recent operation

Way Amount Date
OUT 0.00170300 2020-10-30 17:48:44
IN 0.00037005 2020-10-29 10:48:05
IN 0.00073484 2020-10-29 10:48:04
OUT 0.00613200 2020-10-19 15:48:23
IN 0.00669999 2020-10-17 17:36:02
OUT 0.00087900 2020-10-17 14:34:25
IN 0.00096000 2020-10-16 02:33:02
IN 0.00031090 2020-10-15 19:45:08
OUT 0.00198950 2020-10-15 13:02:24
OUT 0.00078050 2020-10-14 22:09:40

Accepting Bitcoin Payments

bitcoin merchants

Acceptance of payments
in cryptocurrency for any projects

Acceptance of merchant payments 2%

Acceptance of payments through the payment acceptance form
Acceptance of payments through its own form of payment acceptance or the button
Easy Payment Reporting System
Instant withdrawal of a cryptocurrency to a third-party wallet
No limits on the receipt / withdrawal of cryptocurrency
Selling through the ads section and receiving payment in the way that is convenient for you

Transaction accepted

0.00976189 BTC

Wait transaction

0.15459322 BTC

Deals statistics

Volume data graph

Last completed deals

Way Amount Date
RUB->BTC 0.00000000 31/10/2020 12:31:20
RUB->BTC 0.00000000 29/10/2020 20:17:25
RUB->BTC 0.00000000 29/10/2020 19:53:48
RUB->BTC 0.00000000 29/10/2020 18:32:59
USD->BTC 0.00000000 29/10/2020 11:18:04
USD->BTC 0.00137386 18/09/2020 09:41:33
USD->BTC 0.00039674 26/04/2020 12:05:43
USD->BTC 0.00210190 20/12/2019 00:50:02
USD->BTC 0.00041301 11/12/2019 17:36:43
EUR->BTC 0.00147563 04/12/2019 22:05:41
EUR->BTC 0.00147828 04/12/2019 21:18:27
USD->BTC 0.00051726 16/07/2019 23:38:29
BTC->BTC 0.00040000 15/07/2019 00:55:02
BTC->BTC 0.00030000 14/07/2019 20:48:19
BTC->BTC 0.00030000 14/07/2019 20:59:18

Affiliate program


Get your 20% of the service profit for each referred user

You can select any of the affiliate links presented in your account.
Place our banner with an affiliate link, insert it as a link to the photo in the social. networks or just forward to friends who might be interested in this project.
Each new user following the link must register within 90 days. We do not limit the period for paying commission on the income that the user brings to the site.
Interest is accrued when the user attracted by you withdraws funds from his trading account, only at that moment the platform receives a profit from which you are paid in the same withdrawal currency or cryptocurrency.

Demo account

test account

To enter your personal account, use the test username and password. This is a test access to familiarize yourself with the internal functions and capabilities of your personal account.
Log in and make sure that everything is very simple, convenient and visual. If you liked everything, then register and start working.


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